Friday, March 30, 2007

A Call To Arms In A Father's Absense

A Call To Arms In A Father’s Absence
By: House of Hancock Inc

Regardless if a father’s insolvency is due to a need to work away from his family or due to early demise, children are tasked to step up and keep the family together despite his absences. Ideally, it would be the male children who would be groomed to take his place in the fold since the man of the house carries loads of responsibilities to cover.

The role of assuming a father’s part in the family is no easy picking. It would endure a lot of sacrifices, longer patience and responsibility in a different aspect. Leading by example and responsibility, including the need to mature faster has always been something that most people would be asked to do since a family cannot stand on its own without proper focus and alignment.
Mothers will always be there to guide and try to take the place of a father, but the presence of a man is still entirely different. Raising children and assuming all the household needs is too much for one person to carry. Many would call it a burden, but a simple glance at the family he has resting on his shoulders should be enough motivation for a person to heed such a call.

On the part of a father, it sometimes boils down to a matter of choice. This of course points towards fathers who have to be away from their family to earn a living. It is not something that they would want at times but rather covers the area of being able to provide for their family.

This is a big issue in most families especially when a part of their essential needs cannot be met. It may sound financial or greed in a sense but taken altogether, they are really more on fulfillment to provide on the part of a parent, particularly a father.

On the other hand, fathers recalled by our Lord also have a purpose. A test on how a family can be able to stick together given the circumstances, is the best way to assess such a predicament. Of course, this should not be viewed as something that was meant to make a family suffer. Incomplete families were made for a purpose. It was meant to make a family realize how to bond and go on with life despite inconsistencies. Fathers occupy a critical position in the family. Family members can only imagine the large shoes they would have to fill in.

There have been a lot of families that have made it through despite going through such dilemmas. But partnered with a test of faith and belief in achieving certain goal is an accomplishment in its own. But in order to attain it, extreme sacrifices and setting priorities aside from personal lives will certainly be a need. This best typifies how families should bond and stick together throughout their existence. Success in being able to do so will rub off on people, especially when the time comes for them to raise their own families. Such experiences can be adapted and used as well into creating the ideal complete family that everyone has been so used to having.

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