Friday, March 30, 2007

A Fatherless Boy’s Route Towards Manhood

A Fatherless Boy’s Route Towards Manhood
By: House of Hancock Inc.

It is usually automatic for children to look up their fathers for protection, support and guidance outside what mothers are able to provide. The role of a mother and a father is usually defined for whole families, but for the unfortunate people who are hard-pressed to make necessary adjustments in the absence of one, the whole ordeal would need adjustments on the part of the offspring and the parent left to handle them. Single parents can try to fill up the void, but it will come to a point where children will be looking for some things that can only be guided by either a mom or a dad.

In most cases, children can experience living with only a mother as early as their infancy stage. During these stages, they would not even notice that only one person is standing up to take the place of parents. It is in the growth stages where they would wonder, how come they have only a mother to show? This would soon inherit questions as: Where is Dad? When is he coming back? Why Don’t I see him? Where can I find him?

These questions are truly hard to answer for reality sake people who are left with only a mother to show. This is especially difficult for boys since in most cases, they would need the actual father figure to guide them in becoming men and understanding the path towards manhood. Mothers can only do so much, but for some boys, the words of wisdom coming from the mouth of a seasoned father still counts a lot. There is no better way to experience manhood other than that of a father who has already been there to share his experiences and beliefs.

A boy can only resort to relying on facts, relatives and friends for advice. It is in these cases where the absence of such would relegate them to being lost in their growing stages. Moms can educate them on the proper things to know about males, but these would surely have limitations considering that not all women would be actually exposed to how boys grow into men.

Overall, it would be frustrating yet challenging to go through life without a father. A person would usually challenge himself to grow up independently and just take things as they come en route to becoming a successful father some day. Children will forever be thinking of how fathers could make a difference in their lives. But to dig up the past may prove to be costly and devastating to people who may not fully understand such issues, especially if it entails some things to which seasoned adults can only understand.

Growing up without a dad may be disheartening but at the same time a yardstick in trying to discover how it is to be a dad for most boys. Ideally, they would tend to prove that fathers are an important person in their families, no matter what the cost or issues surrounding them may be. No one is perfect and fathers fall under this as well. It all depends on how children would accept the fact that fathers may not be visibly around, but this can all change once they are ready and on the verge of stepping up and building their families completely unlike that of theirs.