Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fathers who take on Dual Roles for their Child

Fathers who take on Dual Roles for their Child
By: House of Hancock Inc.

In today’s world, single parents have become abundant. While for separating couples, it has been customary to expect children to choose to be with their mothers over their father. Even though, there are still kids who end up being with their father by choice. This usually occurs for moms who would not value the presence of their children. The usual excuse is immaturity, psychological incapacity and deprivation of happiness during their single life.

Regardless, fathers would usually step into the shoes of a responsible parent by assuming the dual role needed to ensure that a child would grow up into a full pledged responsible person. The task may not be that easy to undertake, but there are fathers who would give it their all to make life worth living for such valued children.

Fathers are normally known to be the bread winners and not the household kind. But fathers can assume the other attention and duties that an ideal mother would give their children if they are given the chance. Some may call it awkward or girlish, but for some men, ensuring that their child would grow up to be responsible and successful is the ultimate battle cry.

The world today has indeed changed dramatically. Fathers were usually tagged as being the reason for a family break-up. But given the opportunity, fathers can be good parents if given the proper briefing and understanding. Priorities in their lives will change and one shining attribute that most dads would do is to dedicate all their hard-work, time and efforts for the children who will some day become parents as well.

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